Biggest Companies (Top 50)

These are the top 50 biggest companies that are listed in american stock exchanges. Sorted based on the size of market capitalization ordered descending.

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Symbol Company Name Industry Group Name Sector Name Last Price Market Capitalization
in Million
THI.TO Tim Hortons Inc Restaurants Services 99.00 13,090
BPO.TO BROOKFIELD PROPERTIES CORP. Property Management Financial 22.36 11,340
TLM.TO TALISMAN ENERGY INC. Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials 9.67 10,020
OCX.TO ONEX CORPORATION SV Conglomerates Conglomerates 86.76 8,940
BIN.TO IESI-BFC LTD. Waste Management Industrial Goods 41.40 7,250
PAA.TO PAN AMERICAN J Silver Basic Materials 25.36 3,860
TFI.TO TRANSFORCE INC. Trucking Services 35.00 3,200
MBT.TO MANITOBA TELECOM Wireless Communications Technology 39.53 2,940
LSG.TO LAKE SHORE GOLD CORP. Gold Basic Materials 2.08 971
TCM.TO THOMPSON CREEK METALS COMPANY Inc Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials 0.67 149
PBG.TO PETROBANK J Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials 0.50 24
PRE.TO PACIFIC RUBIALES ENERGY CORP. Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials 0.64 12
TCK-B.TO Teck Resources Limited Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials 33.66 0
CCL-B.TO CCL INDUSTRIES INC., CL. B, NV Packaging & Containers Consumer Goods 305.88 n/a
G.TO GOLDCORP INC Gold Basic Materials 19.49 n/a
OSK.TO OSISKO MINING CORPORATION Gold Basic Materials 4.66 n/a
T.TO TELUS CORPORATION Wireless Communications Technology 45.92 n/a
AGI.TO ALAMOS GOLD INC. Gold Basic Materials 8.93 n/a
DC-A.TO DUNDEE CORP., CL.A SV Asset Management Financial 3.92 n/a
RY.TO ROYAL BANK OF CANADA Money Center Banks Financial 92.48 n/a
WN.TO WESTON GEORGE Grocery Stores Services 123.02 n/a
CFP.TO CANFOR CORP Lumber, Wood Production Industrial Goods 18.70 n/a
GIB-A.TO CGI GROUP INC CL A SV Information Technology Services Technology 66.55 n/a
ARE.TO AECON GROUP INC General Contractors Industrial Goods 15.73 n/a
DII-B.TO DOREL INDUSTRIES INC., CL.B, SV Conglomerates Conglomerates 34.59 n/a
SAP.TO SAPUTO INC. Food - Major Diversified Consumer Goods 44.60 n/a
YRI.TO YAMANA GOLD INC Gold Basic Materials 3.71 n/a
CIX.TO CI FINANCIAL CORP. Asset Management Financial 26.09 n/a
GWO.TO GREAT-WEST LIFECO INC Life Insurance Financial 34.20 n/a
PJC-A.TO JEAN COUTU GROUP (PJC) INC., CL Drug Delivery Healthcare 21.92 n/a
BAM-A.TO BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT INC Real Estate Development Financial 52.85 n/a
ELD.TO ELDORADO GOLD Gold Basic Materials 5.00 n/a
MDI.TO MAJOR DRILLING GRP Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials 7.47 n/a
SJR-B.TO SHAW COMMUNICATIONS INC., CL.B, CATV Systems Services 28.75 n/a
CLS.TO CELESTICA INC. SV Printed Circuit Boards Technology 19.17 n/a
HCG.TO HOME CAPITAL GROUP INC. Savings & Loans Financial 9.14 n/a
POW.TO POWER CORP CDA Life Insurance Financial 29.69 n/a
TD.TO TD US Small-Cap Equity - Inc Money Center Banks Financial 63.10 n/a
BCB.TO COTT CORP Beverages - Soft Drinks Consumer Goods 17.30 n/a
EMP-A.TO EMPIRE COMPANY LTD., CL.A, NV Grocery Stores Services 21.04 n/a
MFI.TO MAPLE LEAF FOODS Food - Major Diversified Consumer Goods 33.79 n/a
SLW.TO SILVER WHEATON CORP. Silver Basic Materials 28.29 n/a
CNQ.TO CDN NATURAL RES Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials 42.24 n/a
HSE.TO HUSKY ENERGY INC. Major Integrated Oil & Gas Basic Materials 16.09 n/a
PSI.TO PASON SYSTEMS INC. Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Basic Materials 20.08 n/a
ESI.TO ENSIGN ENERGY SERVICES INC. Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Basic Materials 7.20 n/a
MTL.TO MULLEN GROUP LTD. Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Basic Materials 14.85 n/a
SNC.TO SNC-LAVALIN SV General Contractors Industrial Goods 52.45 n/a
IFC.TO INTACT FINANCIAL CORPORATION Property & Casualty Insurance Financial 92.53 n/a


Biggest Companies (Top 50) Chart

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