Current market status: Downturn

Are you having a hard time predicting the market movement? Feeling unsure and don't know what to do with your stocks? GreenAndRedMarket will help you stay objective and focused on stock market movements.

We track, research, and summarize most stocks that are listed in major stock exchanges such as: NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and TSX. Make sure you visit our Quick Recommendation page or Stock Benchmark page. Please remember that any conclusions made by our system are for entertainment purposes only. Your decision to buy or sell your stocks should not be based solely on the information displayed on our website.

GreenAndRedMarket is a non-profit website. Our intentions are clean and clear: to provide an easy to read summary of current market trend and to take emotion out of investing.

What's new?

As you probably already realized, this is a beta website with a small number of developer. We are still doing some improvement and trying to gauge public interest. In this occasion we would like to share the visitors statistic numbers per 2012-Dec-01 (Developers are excluded).

Please note that we do not track or collect your personal information. The following numbers are from Google Analytics' summary page for the last 30 days.

  • This website reached 200 unique visitors
  • Returning Visitor: 49.05%
  • Visits: 367
  • Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:10
  • Majority of vistors are from US and Canada: Los Angeles, New York, Manchester, Montreal, Brandon, Toronto, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Salt Lake City.

Future Project

  • Add a comparison of a given stock with others in the same industry group
  • Almanac for the last 3 years
  • Best months for investment based on the last 3 years historical data
  • Visitors can post comments and assign rating's (1 to 5 stars) on the detailed stock report pages
  • Code improvement

If you have ideas that you want to share with us or hope to see in this website please contact admin {at} greenandredmarket {dot} com. Thank you for your support.

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